Divebomb/Tribunal Records: Masters of Metal vol. 5


Volume 5 delivers the killer songwriting chops of melodic trad metallers SATAN'S HALLOW (Chicago, IL), from their self-titled 7" single; ARIETE's (Madrid, SPA) enthusiastically energetic, riff-heavy power metal EP, Asedio; relentless, no-nonsense, death-inflected thrash from up-and-comers TERRIFIER (Vancouver, BC)-formerly known as SKULL HAMMER-and their Metal or Death EP; and TIGER FIGHT's (Chicago, IL) NWOBHM-leaning penchant for vocal harmonies and dual-guitar licks via their three-song Tigers Fight at Midnight cassette. Of further note, Chicagoans SATAN'S HALLOW and TIGER FIGHT each share members with MOROS NYX, as well as one another.

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