Killers the Card Game


We here at are big fans of Killers the Card Game, and we want to help promote this awesome game. We do not ship this game; however, we do promote it and offer the direct link for you to use for purchase. Use the following link to purchase the base game:

This is all you need for some good ole' slashing fun with 2-4 of your fellow true crime junkies. The base game includes: 25 Unique Killer Cards, 25 Victim Cards, 4 Scenario Cards, 4 Dice, 108 Evidence Tokens, 1 Rulebook, 1 Box. Use the following link to view all the Killers the Card Game expansions:

Be advised, the shipping from this site will show as $666.00 as a reminder for you to redirect to the link and not to order straight from us. We hope you enjoy yhe game as much as we do!

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