The Avengers Season One


Custom Edition- 1st printing. Written by Peter David. Art by Andrea Di Vito, Jon Buran, Nigel Raynor, Mike Bowden and Walden Wong. Cover by Adi Granov. An all-new original graphic novel, modernizing the formative first days of the super-hero icons that defined pop culture! A hidden foe manipulates the newly minted Avengers from the shadows, meticulously sowing the seeds of discord and mistrust - and causing the new teammates to question the very ties that bind them together as they hunt for the fugitive Hulk. Thor - a shape-shifting alien with a secret agenda? Captain America - a hoax? Iron Man - an enemy conspirator? Their confidence in each other shattered, will the heroes destroy each other before the conspirator is revealed? Only the smartest among them will see through the deception...and it's not who you think! Softcover, 112 pages, full color. Note: this was a through the mail walmart exclusive that was included with the purchase of Marvel's The Avengers movie.

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